apvlv is a PDF/EPUB Viewer Under Linux/WIN32 and its behaviour like Vim.

Apvlv is a open source software, was created by Alf and was hosted on github.

Now, it is still growing.

Like Vim, Apvlv makes people reading their PDF/EPUB files just like using Vim.

So, Apvlv bindings lots of Vim command and its behaviour is like Vim. For example, < Ctrl-f > to forward page, < Ctrl-b > to previous page, 'k','j','h','l' to scrolling a page up, down, left or right, and so on.

And, Apvlv can understand that how many times you want to run the command.

The only thing you need to do is typing the number before the command. For example, typing '50' and < Ctrl-f > will go forward 50 pages, typing '30' and < Ctrl-b > will go previous 30 pages.

What's more import is apvlv can support view a directory as content of a pdf/epub document. Pressing 'k' or 'j' to move selected up or down, 'h' or 'l' to collapse or expand a dir, and press 't' will open the selected document in a new tab.




apvlv is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


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